I’m Juechu “Joy” Dong

Computer Architect Traveler Undergraduate Student


Greetings from Joy! Welcome to my page. My Chinese name Juechu (pronounced ge ├╝ e, chu) is hard to pronounce, so you might as well call me Joy.­čśŐ
I don’t know which part of the world you’re visiting my page from, but I’ve probably been there or am looking forward to visiting. The title picture above was taken during my trip to Budapest. It’s one of my favorate cities in the world. I’m now living in Ann Arbor, a small town in Michigan. I enjoy different culture and life styles. I think book stores, free markets and caf├ęs are the best places in town and you can really know the place by visiting them.
I research interest lies in computer architecture. I want to help to make computers run faster and safely with your privacy protected.
Program in: c/c++ (system)verilog
Speak: English Chinese (a little bit of)German



  • 2020 Sept - 2022 May (exp.)

    University of Michigen

    B.S.E. in Computer Engineering | GPA: 4.00/4.00

    I take computer architecture track and work with Dr. Ron Dresklinski & Dr. Satish Narayanasamy on hardware related researches.
    Course work: EECS470 Computer Architecture (A), EECS281 Data Structures and Algorithms (A), EECS312 Integrated Circuits (A), EECS482 Operating Systems (in progress), Parallele CUDA Programming (in progress)

  • 2018 Sept - 2022 Aug (exp.)

    Shanghai Jiaotong Univeristy

    B.S.E. in Electrical & Computer Engineering | GPA: 3.82/4.00

    I started my university here and gained my interest in engineering. I learned the basics about heardware and curcuits and decided to keep working on hardware related topics.
    Course work: VE270 Introduction to Logic Design (A+), VE280 Programming & Elem. Data Struct (A), VE401 Probability Methods in Eng. (A+), VV186/VV285/VV286 Honors Mathematics II/III/IV (A-, A, A)

  • 2020 Jan - 2020 Feb

    Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin

    Winter Short Program in Excisice Game Design

    My team designed a VR exercising game with unity using C# and tested it on Oculus headsets.

  • 2019 Jan - 2019 Feb

    McGill University

    Winter Short Program in Communication and interpersonal skills in business

    I learned and practiced my presentation, writing, facilitation, listening skills and conflict management skills.


  • 2021 Sept - now

    Rearch on Crossbar For Programmable Fully Homomorphic Encryption Accelerator

    instructed by Dr. Ronald Dreslinski, with Suman Mallik @UMich

    Design extremely high bandwidth, statically scheduled crossbar for FHE accelerator F1 (MICRO 2021) with strict power and area restrictions.

  • 2021 May - now

    Rearch on Federated Genomic Analysis System Based on Open-enclave & SGX

    instructed by Prof. Satish Narayanasamy, with Jonah Rosenblum @UMich

    Solve privacy concerns in genomic data sharing without accuracy penalty from metadata studies or performance penalty from homomorphic encryption. Build a centralized system that collects genomic data from host institutions and analyze them on central server enclave without leaking raw or intermediate data.

  • 2021 Sept - now

    Instructional Aid for Computer Architecture

    with Dr. Mark Brehob @UMich

    Teach out of order processor design topics including branch prediction, pipelines, prefetching, caches etc. Hold lab sessions and develop exam problems regarding OoO processor design.

  • 2021 Feb - 2021 Apr

    Out-of-Order Processor Design

    EECS470 Computer Architecture Project

    Design an out-of-order, 3-way scalar processor based on R10K design using system verilog. Add additional feature load store queue, advance branch predictor and cache heriachy.

  • 2021 Feb - 2021 Apr

    Teaching Assistant for Probabilistic Methods in Eng.

    with Dr. Horst Hohberger @SJTU

    Probability theory and statistics is interesting, important but often misunderstood. From a wonderful piecs of data one can draw non-sense conclusion if probabalistic methods are not used in the right way. While dealing with computer security, it’s important that we can come to a conclusion that sensitive data is “almost impossible” to leak.

  • 2021 Jan - 2021 May

    Research on Fully-Autonomous SoC

    instructed by Dr. Ronald Dreslinski, with Morteza Fayazi @UMich

    Build an intent solver that translates high-level user intent into hardware specifications and to satisfy user constraints, in particular, determines appropriate acceleration blocks for user python code
    Attend weekly meetings with Dr. Dreslinski to develop basic research skills in experiment setup and to learn how to narrow down research interests and identify a new research topic

  • 2020 May - 2020 Aug

    Teaching Assistant for Honors Physics

    With Dr. Mateusz Krzyzosiak

    I enjoy teaching and want to devote my energy towards helping students. It was a remote semster and everyone was isolated and very stressful. I was lucky to be able to help and support students and be part of this wonderful teaching team.

  • 2019 Nov

    General Method to Roller Coaster Design and Analysis Based on NURBS Curves

    with Yanjun Chen and Haoyang Zhang

    We won silver medal of University Physcis Competition 2019 with this design. It was a fantastic experience to do intensive brain storming and modeling in 48 hours. We didn’t get much sleep, but a lot of fun.



  • Shanghai has only two seasons, winter and summer, and they switch randomly. It is otherwise a wonderful city to live in.
  • My source of metal support: food, friends and IKEA sharks.
  • The best thing happened recently: I got a really good book about Hapsburg history on the street from a weird old man.


  • Ziqiao Ma PhD @UMich, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • … (send me a message to link your page)





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